Console Repairs Birmingham

Thanks to Gamesmart for fixing my console, I was so worried it would end up as a brick but you guys rescued me!

— Martin Monaghan

Console repairs

DVD/CD repairs in YardleyOur experienced engineers can fix most types of faults with your game console or laptop and at a very competitive cost! We repair a wide range of consoles including PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, DS and PSPs. We can even repair ipods and tablets. We specialise in hardware and software faults such as Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, PS3 Yellow Light of Death, Laser faults, Laser Replacement and power supply faults.

Playstation 3 repairs

  • Console not powering up
  • Jammed discs in tray
  • YLOD: console not working
  • Yellow LED light glowing

Xbox 360 repairs

  • Console not powering on
  • Console not reading discs
  • Red lights glowing on console
  • Disc jammed in console
  • Tray not opening correctly

Nintendo Wii repairs

  • Disc jammed in tray
  • Console not powering up

Nintendo DS/3DS repairs

  • Console does not power up
  • Top/Bottom screen damaged
  • Broken hinge

PSP repairs

  • Broken screen
  • Control keys not working
  • No power

Laptop repairs

  • Data (information) recovery/retrieval
  • Power faults
  • Software installation and faults
  • Password recovery/removal